Friday, February 18, 2011

A stop into Er Buchetto

A simple lunch at Er Buchetto, with a glass of vino bianco.

So many times I have tried to put into words that feeling you get in Italy.  That midday buzz after washing down your lunch with a light and refreshing vino sfuso.  That bounce in your step that makes everything around you feel different.  That is the exact feeling I get everytime return to Er Buchetto for lunch.  The only thing they serve here is Porchetta.  You can have it in a sandwich (as shown above), or in a portion with bread on the side.  If your lucky you can find a plate of artichokes or some olives.  But porchetta is their thing and they have been doing it since 1890.  Just cheap, honest, simple, delicious stuff served quite literally in a hole in the wall (''Er Buchetto'', is the little hole in roman dialect).  This is the first place I ate in Italy, where I was reccomended to come here for lunch back in 2004.  I return everytime I'm in the city.

Er Buchetto di Alessandro Fioravanti
Dal 1890
Via del viminale 2F Roma 00184
06. 48.83.031

Er Buchetto, Dal 1890
Una Porchetta intera
These spouts on the left is where the white wine comes from.  Very drinkable and light, makes for a perfect lunch wine.