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venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

Prague day 2: Amazing Beef Carpaccio and Czech bubbly rosè

The Above deli I ran into yesterday was fantastic, one of those lucky encounters. I had some salume and something called a Cevabcici, which I believe is a Balkan dish. This one consisted of minced meat and was shaped like a big meatball that you dip into a local mustard.

Řeznictví - Uzenářství - Jídelna, Kosina Martin
Kaprova 18/7, 11000 Praha 1

Bohemia Sekt - Prestige Rosè Brut 12.5%

After a few rounds of Roulette... (I happened to be staying next door to a casino) I dropped into a market and bought their best bubbly (well, most expensive, because I dont know a damn thing about Czech wines).  This wine really surprised me, at around $15 and was absolutely delicious.  Just enough complexity but really refreshing balanced and perfect for an aperitivo.  It is pretty hard reading these Czech lables and I didnt have any idea what I was really drinking, besides it being rosè and brut.

With dinner we drank heaps of beer.. I love beer and I'm very open to drinking beer with dinner, but god damn it is tough.  Really heavy and now I remember why I write about wine and not beer.  I did have some amazing Beef Carpaccio, which was better than most I'v had in Italy.  After we stopped into the Absinth Museum of Prague, a really awesome space with great absinthe.  Czech Absinth, although not traditional is known for being stronger and more bitter and usually includes more wormwood with around 70% alcohol. 

I have just gotten back into Rome, and there will be more places visited soon...
Cin Cin

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  1. Nico - been blog-stalking - I mean following you all - through COF. Have to say, am enjoying your posts - especially the photos on Absinthe. Also, I get what you mean about not being able to describe that feeling in Italy, especially after a simple lunch & un bicchiere di vino sfuso. Salute.

  2. Valerie, thanks so much for reading and for the comment...
    i just got back from er buchetto.. what a legendary eatery!


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