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mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

Revisiting Ribolla Gialla in Rome....

Popped into this Il Roncal Ribolla Gialla 2009 that I copped from their Agriturismo where we were staying during the COF2011 trip.  I really enjoyed all of the Il Roncal wines, they were overall really consistant.  We didnt get a chance to taste their ribolla so I brought a bottle to Rome.  This wine had beautiful fruit and a really nice acidity with a full body mouth feel.

The above Spigole (Branzini in northern Italy) or European Seabass were a perfect match for the very fish friendly ribolla gialla.

Waking up during sunrise at Il Roncal.  (I was staying in the Ribolla Gialla room by the way....)

 After our Branzini and Ribolla dinner, we went down a block to the neighborhoods local enoteca.  Ombralonga Vinerie - Via Oderisi da Gubbio, 41.  I noticed they had a bottle of Zorzettig Ribolla Gialla 2009.  We stayed with the theme and downed a bottle over a game of scopa. 

During the Friuli trip the ''magnificent six'' dined in the home of Annalisa of the Zorzettig estate.  Annalisa served the 2009 Ribolla Gialla with the local bean and barley soup in this case served inside a bread bowl.  They went together swell and a drizzle of the rich zorzettig olive oil over the soup was brilliant.

above, Mcduff snaps a photo of Annalisa and I at the end of the meal enjoying a much needed grappa.

We made many visits to different producers houses for dinner throughout the trip.  I noticed many had corn hanging outside of their entrance, which apparently dates back a few hundred years and has become a tradition here..

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    Damn Nico, your view from Il Roncal was even better than mine

  2. thats the morning grappa headache early riser view... one of the most wonderful views


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