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venerdì 19 luglio 2013

Krug and Jazz at Coppolas place in New Orleans

Cruising around the music filled, boozy streets of New Orleans has found me in the Coppolas residence for Krug and Jazz... Life is hot and humid , but definitely beautiful living. 

Fried boudin with pickled peppers at Cochon, New Orleans.

mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Coming back around to Sperss, 1990.

A 1990 Sperss from Gaja made it onto the table of a lucky couple a few evenings ago.  The 1990 was the second year of production for the Sperss and still at that point a 100% Nebbiolo wine.  I was able to taste and receive some information from Angelo a few years back on Sperss and the 1989 vintage.

The Sperss plantings are within the Marenca-Rivette Area in South/Central Serralunga with an area of about 30 acres. 

The 1990 was just as exciting as the 1989 bottling and probably even more complex.  When first opened there was an explosion of chocolate that seducted the taster.  Ten minutes into it all of the rose petal and cherry tar complexity was released and tasted as if it were a different wine.

We double decanted this as Angelo Gaja suggests.  I always find it the best to drink a fine wine like this exactly how the wine maker or wine creator would drink them, as he certainly knows best. 

Below a map showing Marenca-Rivette in green and orange within the mid section of Serralunga.

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