Sunday, October 23, 2011

A day in Pompeii, Massachusetts and wacko wine preservation

A Thursday off of work found me in Boston for a short visit, a few days before a move to NYC.  First I checked out the exhibit A day in Pompeii at the Museum of Science.  A sharp but more limited exhibit than expected.  It did feature some body casts which were fascinating, and below these four amphorae which were traditionally used to transport wine (like the two on the left) or olives and fruit (the two on the right).

Afterwards, I stopped into Enoteca Bin 26 an Italian Focused wine list with Italian and Italian influenced food on the menu.  Didn't eat dinner, but had some pecorino toscano cheese (which was wonderful) with a glass of Aglianico.  They offer 100 ml ''tasting glasses'', 250 ml, 500ml, or by the bottle.  The 100ml is a sly maneuver because your paying $7 to $13 for essentially half of a glass of wine.  Another thing they use which has been bugging me lately with restaurants is a pump vacuum and pour system for the wines by the glass. Being an old school kinda guy, I am really feeling anti pump technology... and that bullshit wine preservation spray that they are selling now... come the fuck on! Most of the time I find these devices really suck the soul out of the aroma and/or bouquet of the wine.
Below, the wine by the glass pump system at Bin 26.

The perfect solution?
Save the wine for a day or max two days (with a normal cork) if you feel the need.  Otherwise if you have leftover wine, let the staff drink it. That way your keeping your staff and your customers happy at the same time. The staff can relax and unwind after a hard nights work, and the customers are always drinking fresh wine.  Afterall, you can't have happy customers without a happy staff!

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