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sabato 26 febbraio 2011

Movia Puro Rosè 2003... half disgorged?

Movia Puro Rose 2003
Was quite indecisive about my first bottle of Movia Puro Rose... to disgorge or not to disgorge?  I did some internet research and wanted to try it both ways... or maybe if you could half disgorge the bottle? Do Bianchi  recommended to me an undisgorged Puro... so why not..?  I had stored the bottle upside down for a week in case la sboccatura took place.  So I turned it right side up and popped the cork regularly for an attempt at an undisgorged style... what happened to my surprise is I essentially half disgorged the wine as a bunch of the yeasts and gritty floaters came rushing out while still leaving some behind. Best of both worlds?  Above you can see the smegma left behind on my hand, which was quite gritty and sandy in texture.

The wine was brilliant.. paired with some pan seared pork chops, patate al forno con olio e rosmarino.
Very thick, cloudy cidar like...strong nose full of yeast and cellar with notes of grapefruit and oranges. Nice acidity and mouth feel, and more complex than I had anticipated. 

My friend Nick Piovanelli captured the opening on film in the appartment in Rome... although very dark, you can get the idea....

the beautiful color of movia puro rose....

Here is the link to Do Bianchi's post on an Undisgorged Movia.....

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