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martedì 8 febbraio 2011

4 standout tocai on day 1

Above Sabrina fills up Alfonso ''Ace'' Cevola, at the Consorzio.

Where to start...? Monday was a really jam packed first day, tasting from noon untill midnight non stop really jump started the palate.  We did a 42 Tocai tasting, so I will list 4 that stood out for me and for very different reasons.

This was the first time I have tasted any Tocai side by side and it was really cool to see the variation.  We all agreed for the most part that today's Sauvignon tasting was much more consistant from wine to wine.

Ermacora Friulano 2009- This was a beautiful showing of Friulano.  I am right with Do Bianchi when he wrote this wine showing varietal expression, freshness, good acidity, balanced alcohol, classic Friulano white fruit.

Conte D'attimis Maniago Friulano 2009 - This was for me the most interesting wine of the flight.  Being the most original in style, very dirty, gritty but at the same time balanced and showing great fruit and acidity. 38,500 bottles produced.

Cadibon Friulano 2009 - This wine was crazy...when first poured it stunned the shit out of me with a bright frizzante character.  after 5 or 10 minutes in the glass it changed completely... the frizzante disappeared completely and it resembled more the Ermacora style with great fruit and acidity.

Now for the Monday Madness, Tocai Bonus wine...
Stroppolatini Friulano 2008 - Samantha jumped right on this wine and labeled it as having notes of celery salt and resembling a Bloody Mary. We all agreed and I labeled it in my notes as tasting of a Michelada (the Mexican beer laced with salt, lime, hot sauce and Worchestershire sauce)... really stunning to taste... I am still not sure if it was as enjoyable as just mind boggling.  I ran up to the office and gave the glass to Jeremy to taste. 

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