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lunedì 13 settembre 2010

KFC double down VS Mcdonalds Italia 280 gr. al parmigiano reggiano

I guess mindlessly browsing the internet at 5 in the morning not being able to sleep, can lead to some ridiculous horse shit like this.  Fat ass America and the endless pursuit for bigger, ''better'', faster, cheaper and sloppier indulgence.  The KFC double down sandwich...Why waste a sandwich by using some fuckin' bread, when it can be some fried ass chicken!  The only thing stupider than this sandwich is the vegan version.  I dont even know if it is serious, i quit reading it half way through, due to tiredness and lack of giving a shit...
but before that I did find a Mcdonalds Italia ad Campaign of the 280 gr. al parmigiano reggiano and I want you to compare these two fast food items between the two countries... haaaa ha
KFC's ludicrous double down sandwich. WTF?

Now lets check out this Italian fast food sandwich made by Mcdonalds in Italy.  Made with the famous Parmigiano Reggiano... haha too hilarious...
I tried to make myself eat at Mcdonalds just once in Italy for the experience but couldn't do it.  I guess because I am 9 years deep without eating there....anyway
Peep this brilliant Video below....

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