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venerdì 25 febbraio 2011

Napoli... 'O Mare, 'O Vesuvio, 'E Sfugliatelle......

 Whatever your reasons for visiting Naples, one of those whether major or minor is the necessary  stop into a pizzeria.   Having always opted for the locals favorites (Il Presidente, di Matteo etc.) I realized I have never been into the famous and touristy Da Michele which dates back to 1870.  No... not going because of the recent Julia Roberts appearance in the bunk, milf pleasing Ryan Murphy film.  But just because.  I have never had a bad pizza in Naples, even when I dined in the most random tourist spots before I knew the city..... but yes this place is damn good!  You have two choices here.. a Marinara or a Margherita.  You can also go doppia mozzarella if you wish (which I am guilty of).  A Nastro Azzuro beer is a must have for the ultimate pizza pairing experience.

Da Michele
Via Cesare Sersale, 1
80139 Napoli

Earlier in the day I made my first stop into the most famous Sflogliatelle bakery, F.lli Attanasio.  Above, is their sign written in Napoletano dialect which translates into ''the three beautiful things of Naples.. the sea, vesuvius, and sfogliatelle''.  This place is pumping out sfogliatelle all morning long in their gigantic brick oven.  You can choose from the classic sfogliatella riccia (the ''curly'' layered dough), or the sfogliatella frolla (a shortcrust which is softer and much simpler).

Antico Forno F.lli Attanasio
Vico Ferrovia, 1/2/3/4
80142 Napoli

Sfogliatella frolla (on bottom) with two sfogliatelle ricce stacked on top.

Piovanelli my south african pal, chomping into a sfogliatella.
Fire in the streets, Pizza in the oven...An example of a typical neapolitan encounter outside of Da Michele. Photo by N. Piovanelli

Above, Piazza del Plebiscito.  The name which comes from the plebiscite taken on October 2, 1860, which brought Naples into the unified Kingdom of Italy under the House of Savoy.

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