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a blog involving wine food and travels.  by nicolas contenta

I made this here blog in 2009 while living in Rome, Italy...
a way to document tastes, travels, food/wine encounters some snowboarding
and whatever the hell the mood calls for...

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY with travels to Italy, I continue documenting this crazy world of wine as often as possible.

'na cica de vino
in the sonninese dialect ''na cica'' means little or poco... ''un po' di vino''
sonnino is a small town of a couple thousand people, in lazio in the province of latina.
they have a beautiful dialect, Neapolitan and Roman influenced.
you can read about it in a book written by
gaspare ventre, called ''vento lassa caccosa''
my grandfather americo contenta was born there, one of the greatest and purest people i have known.
and therefore I hold a special place in my heart for this epic land.

enjoy, thanks for browsing...

aka Minkie Firpaccio
aka Bruce Backman
aka Fiorello Fiorelli

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