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lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Pelaverga and some Ossau-Iraty

Ran into some Fratelli Alessandria Verduno Pelaverga 2010 and needed to buy a bottle.  My first time drinking this variety and whether a Branch Scraper or a Dick Scraper it's some good shit. I talked with my Mexican friend Bruno who chuckled at the name Pelaverga translating from spanish to Dick Rubber (or at least some form of masturbator), which makes the connection of the name and the aphrodisiacal qualities associated with it.

Usually producing lighter style wines, this 2010 had beautiful red fruit with some strawberry notes reminiscent of those you would find in a Frappato from Sicily but with a completely different structure and complexity to it.  Pelaverga is a good time to try something a little more rare while staying in the comfort zone of Piemonte.  Sliced up some medium soft Ossau-Iraty sheeps milk cheese coming from south-western france to have with it.  This cheese was recently crowned as the 2011 World cheese awards best cheese.  I stopped at Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn which is one of only 3 cheese mongers to sell it in New York City.

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