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martedì 8 dicembre 2009

pinche lampredotto!

On a brisk december morning on the 8th me and Anto rolled into florence, stoping a few hours before cruising to Montecarlo.  This was the first stop on our trip from Rome going north. Whenever making our way into Firenze there is always the necessary stop at the lampredottaio, for a panino con lampredotto.  This is a local type of tripe, but it comes from the fourth and final stomach of the cow, the abomasum.  Other tripes come from the first three chambers.  I fiortentini have had this specialty for years, dating back to the 1400's when it was a poor and working class food.  You can smother this beautiful sandwich with a salsa verde, and salsa piccante.  There are some fine enotecas and specialty food stores to discover near the san lorenzo daily market.

After a cruise through the center we stopped at a favorite place of mine, vineria casa del vino hidden behind the market close to the mercato centrale building. For me it is an ideal place to chill out with some local vino and food.  It is quite a simple place.  Basically sandwiches, and a wide variety of crostini, and a nice selection of wine by the glass/bottle, or take away.  There isn't heaps of space to sit, but is is nice and cozy. Below is a staple of the tuscan diet, crostini di fegato, which we had this time, with a text book chianti colli fiorentini from fattoria poggio romitaA perfect fruit packed well balanced wine that goes grand with this type of simple tuscan cuisine, only 2 euro a glass, and 7 a bottle.  Another not to miss enoteca is Zanobini (Fratelli Gino E Silvano S.N.C.) on Via Sant'Antonino, 47.

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