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mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

virgin olive oil in montecarlo... the making of the precious golden liquid

Here are fotos from our trip in november me and anto made to Montecarlo in tuscany to see some friends including Maurizio Pasi and his daughter Yoko.  We came during the olive harvest, Anto picked olives for a week earlier, then i joined the crew, to take the olives to the frantoio to be pressed.  Maurizio , besides being head of the wine farming for fattoria di montechiari, which make some of the highest quality wines in Montecarlo, he is an extraordinary person, with a thousand stories about traveling the world.  Always an adventure here in Montecarlo.  In september they have a sagra del vino, a wine festival which this year included an off the charts miss italy show! guarda che roba!
above, maurizio proudly places his keg of freshly filled extra virgin olive oil, in his cantina.

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