Friday, April 19, 2013

Pies and Thighs, Brooklyn.

Above, the epic Chicken Biscuit, with hot sauce and honey butter... Loch Ness?

What happens to be a very popular restaurant practically in my backyard, I have only been to Pies and Thighs twice.  On the weekends there is always a swarm of people outside with an hour or two of waiting ahead of them.  I stopped in on a Friday afternoon though for a much calmer and enjoyable experience than the Saturday/Sunday NYC brunch madness that i wish to not take part in.

The food is southern, delicious, and affordable.  Pictured below: Chicken Biscuit, Rob Evans on a Biscuit (with sausage gravy), Fried Pickles, Raised Donut, Iced Coffee and a really satisfying Mimosa.


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  1. Damn...and fried pickles are one of my all time favorite things, ever.