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mercoledì 30 novembre 2011

ribolla CIALLA for a light brooklyn lunch

Visited some 2010 Ribolla Gialla from Ronchi di Cialla (located in Prepotto of the Friuli region) over a light lunch here in Brooklyn this week.  One of the more mineral expressions of Ribolla Gialla I have tasted but balanced with its generous acidity very well.  Not super expressive on the nose although containing just enough fruit to seal the deal.  Ribolla Gialla is one of my favorite wines to have with fish, but this can go with a number of lighter dishes.  When we visited Paolo Rapuzzi and the Ronchi di Cialla house hold with the COF2011 in February we tasted a vertical of some awesome Schioppettino, but this was the first run in with their Ribolla Gialla.
Bello fresco, e veramente buono!

above, a view of the vineyards that surround the house of the  Rapuzzi family.  

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