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giovedì 24 marzo 2011

the beauty of Italian advertising

Sometimes you can't help but love cheesy things like this Italian advertisement for Lavazza coffee (taken in the Ciampino Airport in Rome).   This man with his diesel biceps is so elegant with his miniature espresso cup and flowing vale around his face...

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  1. The Grana Padano & Gorgonzola commercials are quite fun (speaking of cheesy).

    This one is especially funny this morning because this brand is in my Moka pot right now. As soon as I finish my not-so-dainty cup of Lavazza I'm going to put my hair in a beehive (ponytail), slip on a ball gown (jeans) and see if I can find some schweaty San Frediano local in a tank top to mess up my hair, spill coffee on my dress from his dainty tazzina, and roll around in somebody'a mamma's clean biancheria. Not really. Maybe I'll stick to Illy.

  2. when I look at an ad like that, I can't help but think of all the Depero and other futurist paintings from the 20s and 30s and how the Italians literally reshaped the advertising landscape back then with their bold new aesthetic...

    unrelated note: I've been meaning to tell you how your banner reminds me of a scene in Accattone... we SO need to watch that movie together dude! when you coming to Texas... ???

    abbraccio j

  3. haha Valerie I like your style, you could definitely pull it off (even sexier than the mistress above).. im going to go pump some iron, try to fit into a small wife beater and see if i can contend..

    Do Bianchi, i havnt heard of this film but im gonna try to find it..



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