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venerdì 4 marzo 2011

Arrivederci Roma...

Enjoyed a last dish of Bucatini All'Amatriciana at Trattoria Lilli on Tuesday before I left Rome...Once again... No matter how many times I leave Rome it will be sad and i will have to write about it.  Trattoria Lilli is always a must visit when I'm in the city, and they do the best Bucatini All'Amatriciana that I've had in a Trattoria in Rome. O' Guanciale mio.... They have a very small menu consisting of only 4 or 5 primi and secondi, but they are all done to perfection.  I still can't get over how perfectly al dente the bucatini are cooked every single time! I believe it is the first and most important thing when cooking a pasta dish.  No matter how good you can make your ragù, sugo, sucù, sauce, gravy or whichever ingredients, (quote me on this) if you fuck up the cooking point of your noodles you've fucked up everything.  For Lilli's wine list? No wine list.  But you can shlug down their vino della casa senza problemi.

A recent tweet from Alfonso about the over use of garlic and salt in U.S. restaurants made me think back to Lilli.  There we were served the local vegetable cicoria, without any garlic and hardly any salt.  Simple with a dash of olive oil and peperoncino maybe, but you really taste the vegetable in this style.  But it is like that everywhere in Italy.  Maybe it is the tasteless GM vegetables here in the states that makes you always reach for the garlic... who knows?

Trattoria Lilli
Via Tor di Nona, 23

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