Sunday, January 30, 2011

nineteen eighty eight

Sitting in tonight, after an unsuccessful recruit mission to fulfill my gambling needs at the Paiute Palace (the only 24 hour casino nearby) just 30 minutes south from here in Bishop.  Earlier tonight I drank one of the worst wines... i want to say ever (Firefly Ridge 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon).  I knew it would be bad ...maybe just felt like proving a point.  Kinda tasted like cranberry juice, ocean spray.. in a very bad way. After half o' glass, turned that bitch into some sangria... apples and oranges, drizzle of lemon juice, much better but hey i guess i was quite hot faced at that point...maybe on the verge of schrodered...

I thought of some good wines I drank a month back on the east coast, then i thought of the 88 mouton, and the 88 chatuea d'yquem... what was going on in the year 1988?  Well i was only 3, but it reminded me of a recent video post on facebook.  More specifically, what was going on in '88 in the world of snowboarding?  After watching triple flips amongst other ridiculous tricks on Winter X Games 15 on ESPN this week,  it felt very comforting to go back 23 years and see how simple and fun snowboarding once was....

Craig Kelly, Brekenridge Colorado in the year 1988.

In 2003 Craig died in an avalanche, but he will always be remembered as a pioneer and godfather of snowboarding.

Tyson vs. Spinks June 27, 1988.
Mike Tyson 22 years old (34-0) knocks out Michael Spinks (31-0) in just 91 seconds.

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