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domenica 9 gennaio 2011

Gigondas drinking like a charm

Met up with some old friends at Skadi Restaurant on a Sunday night in Mammoth Lakes, California. A brilliant little restaurant which we shall be dining at later this week.
Indulged in a few half bottles of E. Guigal Gigondas 2006
60% grenache
30% mourvèdre
10% syrah
production: 120,000 bottles
aging: 2 years in oak
price range: $20
The wine was drinking gorgeous for me.  After 15 minutes really opening up with heaps of red fruit and a beautiful layering on the palate, perfect acidity and tannins present.  The second bottle we opened was oxidized, and after 10 minutes undrinkable.  The third was a charm again... 
This gigondas is a nice value at around $20....I'm a big fan of E. Guigal lately, especially the 2007 Cotes Du Rhone at around $10 a bottle is tough to beat for an everyday table wine.

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