Friday, January 21, 2011

Friulian slip

As I awake at 5 am from a restless night in California, I make a Cappuccino and while half watching Sabato, Domenica, E Lunedi I search through my fellow bloggers pages (particularly Samantha's) and read about the anticipation for the COF2011 Friuli trip.  Sleep deprived and out of it, my Friulian mind starts wondering into fantasies of Prosciutto di San Daniele.  The cured ham produced in San Daniele del Friuli that is slightly sweeter and more delicate than the more famous Prosciutto di Parma...  I have always favored the San Daniele and now I must visit it's home.  A shared love for the art of cured meat is one thing that makes me and my sister very close (as seen below).  A well made, simple, beautiful piece of prosciutto crudo is an art form and until you understand it's concept you haven't lived gastronomical life.  Can't wait to taste with y'all... Grappa and Cigarettes.. (not a bad blog name)

My sister ''Ashcan'' and I, shopping for jamon in Alicante, Spain. January 2009


  1. or Sgnape 'n Smokes...just in case...

  2. nice alfonso, wasnt familiar with this word!

  3. I see I'm not the only one seduced by Samantha's blog...

    Looking forward to seeing you in Friuli!

    (BTW.. I'm having trouble with your blog's feed...)