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lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Mozzarella di bufala in Cassino, the heroin of cheese

Here is a photo collection of this weekends trip into the province of Frossinone. We were fortunate to be offered a tour by the two kind young gents making cheese at the Mozzarella Di Bufala Factory Caseificio di alta qualità, Mozzarella Di Latte Di Bufala (Griffo Giuseppe), viale bonomi, 87 Cassino (FR) Tel. 0776 312462.  This small factory in the town of Cassino, is one of the very few to still make mozzarella totally by hand (we watched the whole process). As you see below, in Italy they even match their boots to the mozzarella they are working with! The Mozzarella was so fresh, it was still warm and completely stretchy. I could stay drugged out on mozzarella di bufala all day long, every day.  If you have never eaten it fresh from around campania, i can only describe it as maybe the heroin of cheese...    
(above: view from cassino) After scoring the stuff, we climbed up to the small town of San donato val di comino, where I often visit a family house of a friend who lives in the states.  An amazing escape from the madness of Rome.  We set up lunch... an antipasto of ricotta di bufala, and mozzarella di bufala (straight up when its this fresh), a primo of homade spinach & ricotta ravioli with a sauce of fresh pomodorini cooked in olive oil and latte di bufala (coming from the mozzarella). All of this paired with some simple chianti from banfi.  (following photos: san donato, ravioli, and san donato bakery items including the best pizza rossa and sfogliatelle i have ever had.)

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

ribollita, cesanese del piglio....

On one of those cold nights what is better (besides maybe a slumber party with a couple of sexy sweedish girls) than a classical bowl of ribollita. A tuscan vegetable and bean soup, traditionally made with the cabbage cavolo neroRibollita refers to the soup being at its best when its reheated a day or two after.  Allowing for the flavors to combine and develop, although for me it hardly makes it that far 'cuz its too fucking good!  I always make it different, depending on whats around or in season but it always goes with a slice of bruschetta simplice con olio d'oliva.  Hopefully a strong special olive oil you have been saving for a special pour.
Since we are in Rome, lets pour some Cesanese Del Piglio.  This comes from the lazio region in the province of Frosinone.  It is made with minimum 90% Cesanese Comune and/or Cesanese D'affile grapes.  Below are two bottles from Terenzi, the single vineyard bottle ''Velobra'' on the left, and the regular on the right.  It was only given the DOCG status in 2008.  As you see below the 2007 Velobra is labeled as a DOC.  You can find some good Cesanese for fairly cheap.  The Velobra has vibrant fruits, balanced acidity, and a touch of tannins. Great pickup for the everyday food wine of mine, especially when in Rome.
 Why not finish things off with some blazing ass Panna Cotta topped with strawberries... the picture speaks for itself.... now off to the frosinone country side for the weekend... lets hope nice weather, good wines, fresh air...

domenica 11 aprile 2010

''tuscany to piemonte'', with the dukes of december 2009

Im reposting this video here, in better quality through vimeo.
A montage put together for me and anto's dukes of december trip 2009.
From Rome, going through 
Tuscany, north into Mantova, and finally west into 
Piemonte to Alba. From there through Barolo and the nearby vineyards tasting some 
dazzling wine, and finally to do some shredding
in Pratonevoso, the first (and only for me) day riding of the season.
We will definetly have to do a second edition to this trip.  mythical ass times

tuscany to piemonte with nico & anto from croosadabilia on Vimeo.

martedì 6 aprile 2010

Vajra at last....

After reading all of the talk in the last weeks regarding G.D. Vajra, through do bianchi, mcduff and wicker parker blogs, I went out and found some bottles of the 2007 Dolcetto Coste & Fossati.  Wicker Parker wrote an article on the same bottle.  I made some Tajarin con funghi to go with this piemontese wine, as well as some of the mysterious broccolo romano...
Did some tajarin internet research, and every recipe was different then the previous.  So i said fuck it, and had some fun making up my own.  tajarin, involves the use of more yolks than whites, which gives them their golden colour. here i used about
500 grams of 00 (doppio zero) flour,
4 whole eggs,
5 egg yolks, and
pinch of salt.
The broccolo romano (see picture below), is typical of lazio, and similar to cauliflower, maybe more tender, with a little more flavor.
This Vajra dolcetto, was nice.  Good pair with mushrooms, although next time, i will have to chuck in some porcini's..the real deal.  Wasn't expecting so much acidity, but it was all in check.  Defintely was feelin' the boysenberry aromas ''wafting'' from the glass. the fruits morph wonderfully from the nose, and then onto the palate once you sip.

giovedì 1 aprile 2010

Montecarlo DOC

Montecarlo in the province of Lucca, makes some delicious DOC wines. The Montecarlo Bianco (once known as the chablis di montecarlo) consists normally of 40-60% Trebbiano Toscano, and 40-60% Sèmillon, Pinot Gris, Pinot Bianco, Vermentino  or Sauvignon Blanc. The Montecarlo Rosso 50-75% Sangiovese, 5-15% Canaiolo Nero, and another 5-10% other varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. The Montecarlo wines i have tasted the most come from Fattoria di Montechiari where i have visited a bunch with vineyard farmer Maurizio Pasi and family, their wines have a different setup. In just 10 hectares they produce 4 wines (cabernet, sangiovese, merlot 100%, chardonnay 100%) as well as a recent additon, the sparkling ''donna catherine'' (100% pinot nero) which im yet to taste!  The Cabernet and Merlot, go about 15 months in barriques, and spend another year in bottle.  The Chardonnay spends a little less time in Barriques.  If you get the chance, have a taste of some wine from Montecarlo...
and whats better than a fine wine tasting here in Montecarlo, along with fine ladies at the miss Italy show all in the same night?!  i like my montecarlo's juicy, elegant and with long legs...

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