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lunedì 26 aprile 2010

Mozzarella di bufala in Cassino, the heroin of cheese

Here is a photo collection of this weekends trip into the province of Frossinone. We were fortunate to be offered a tour by the two kind young gents making cheese at the Mozzarella Di Bufala Factory Caseificio di alta qualità, Mozzarella Di Latte Di Bufala (Griffo Giuseppe), viale bonomi, 87 Cassino (FR) Tel. 0776 312462.  This small factory in the town of Cassino, is one of the very few to still make mozzarella totally by hand (we watched the whole process). As you see below, in Italy they even match their boots to the mozzarella they are working with! The Mozzarella was so fresh, it was still warm and completely stretchy. I could stay drugged out on mozzarella di bufala all day long, every day.  If you have never eaten it fresh from around campania, i can only describe it as maybe the heroin of cheese...    
(above: view from cassino) After scoring the stuff, we climbed up to the small town of San donato val di comino, where I often visit a family house of a friend who lives in the states.  An amazing escape from the madness of Rome.  We set up lunch... an antipasto of ricotta di bufala, and mozzarella di bufala (straight up when its this fresh), a primo of homade spinach & ricotta ravioli with a sauce of fresh pomodorini cooked in olive oil and latte di bufala (coming from the mozzarella). All of this paired with some simple chianti from banfi.  (following photos: san donato, ravioli, and san donato bakery items including the best pizza rossa and sfogliatelle i have ever had.)

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