Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vajra at last....

After reading all of the talk in the last weeks regarding G.D. Vajra, through do bianchi, mcduff and wicker parker blogs, I went out and found some bottles of the 2007 Dolcetto Coste & Fossati.  Wicker Parker wrote an article on the same bottle.  I made some Tajarin con funghi to go with this piemontese wine, as well as some of the mysterious broccolo romano...
Did some tajarin internet research, and every recipe was different then the previous.  So i said fuck it, and had some fun making up my own.  tajarin, involves the use of more yolks than whites, which gives them their golden colour. here i used about
500 grams of 00 (doppio zero) flour,
4 whole eggs,
5 egg yolks, and
pinch of salt.
The broccolo romano (see picture below), is typical of lazio, and similar to cauliflower, maybe more tender, with a little more flavor.
This Vajra dolcetto, was nice.  Good pair with mushrooms, although next time, i will have to chuck in some porcini's..the real deal.  Wasn't expecting so much acidity, but it was all in check.  Defintely was feelin' the boysenberry aromas ''wafting'' from the glass. the fruits morph wonderfully from the nose, and then onto the palate once you sip.


  1. Coste e Fossati is definitely a benchmark when it comes to Dolcetto d'Alba -- and always great with mush. Glad you finally got to try it.

  2. thanks for the shout out, man... I have to confess my envy at your being able to find Vajra so easily in your market... Tracie P and I DUG that Dolcetto... great post and great photos... have fun shredding dude...

  3. thanks guys, i came across some barolos from vajra, 2003s though.. do you recall how they were after all of the heat? cheers...