Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ribollita, cesanese del piglio....

On one of those cold nights what is better (besides maybe a slumber party with a couple of sexy sweedish girls) than a classical bowl of ribollita. A tuscan vegetable and bean soup, traditionally made with the cabbage cavolo neroRibollita refers to the soup being at its best when its reheated a day or two after.  Allowing for the flavors to combine and develop, although for me it hardly makes it that far 'cuz its too fucking good!  I always make it different, depending on whats around or in season but it always goes with a slice of bruschetta simplice con olio d'oliva.  Hopefully a strong special olive oil you have been saving for a special pour.
Since we are in Rome, lets pour some Cesanese Del Piglio.  This comes from the lazio region in the province of Frosinone.  It is made with minimum 90% Cesanese Comune and/or Cesanese D'affile grapes.  Below are two bottles from Terenzi, the single vineyard bottle ''Velobra'' on the left, and the regular on the right.  It was only given the DOCG status in 2008.  As you see below the 2007 Velobra is labeled as a DOC.  You can find some good Cesanese for fairly cheap.  The Velobra has vibrant fruits, balanced acidity, and a touch of tannins. Great pickup for the everyday food wine of mine, especially when in Rome.
 Why not finish things off with some blazing ass Panna Cotta topped with strawberries... the picture speaks for itself.... now off to the frosinone country side for the weekend... lets hope nice weather, good wines, fresh air...

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