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lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

shots from portland, and the best fries ever...

hand cut belgian duckfat fries up close and personal.

 Cruising into Portland, Maine on Friday night we had to make a necessary stop into DUCKFAT restaurant.  For a sandwich and a sampling of their famous Hand cut Belgian Duckfat fries.  They are served piping hot with a list of dipping sauce choices.  We shrelped up some duckfat gravy and the thai chili mayo.  The secret to these precious fries, is they are fried in oil which is 25% duck fat... great stuff....The Duck Cofit Panino (above) was decent, but I preferred the Corned beef tongue Reuben, served with swiss and marinated cabbage which was cheaper and more flavorful.

43 Middle Street Portland, Maine.

Saturday involved a day on the slopes at Sunday River, followed by some Portland madness with the ''Captain''...

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