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venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

Bunk Nebbiolo?

Somehow bought this Langhe Nebbiolo ''Roccardo'' from Rocche Costamagna, the other day, which happened to be the only Langhe Nebbiolo in the wine shop from my area...  I tasted it... nope...
just not happening.  Not feeling any of the Nebbiolo I love so much, on this wine.  This Langhe Nebbiolo from Rocche Costamagna for instance goes through a modern vinification, with maceration lasting for only 5-6 days, as opposed to say the above left from Produttori Del Barbaresco a traditional Nebbiolo (maceration lasting 22 days on the skins).  Both 100% Nebbiolo, around $20-$25, very different wines.  It seems crazy to me when vinification techniques can take over the sensation of the grape varietal, and suddenly you aren't drinking Nebbiolo but instead a bunk candy, fruit forward mess that resembles a Beaujolais Nouveau more than anything from Piemonte... Oh well, let's dump this bitch out and try again...

I remember a Salvador Dali quote
''Don't bother about being modern. 
Unfortunately it is the one thing that, 
whatever you do, you cannot avoid. ''

This is true in so many cases, but we hope for the sake of wine at least, that tradition can prevail....

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