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lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Germany day 1, The Rheinhessen

 Arriving to the Wasem Weinhotel in Ingelheim (Rheinhessen), Germany.

Had a gorgeous first day cruising the Rheinhessen, even though there were a few kinks in the system.  Talia had a 3 to 4 hour flight delay, while Whitney didn't make it at all.  She eventually arrived the next day though and now everyone is here.  Matthew Walls and Christina Pickard both flying from London, Whitney Adams, Talia Baiocchi and myself from The States.

 Heading off for the Weingut Bettenheimer vineyards in Rheinhessen.

 The Gruner Silvaner Trocken 2011, very easy accessible wine.

 Up close and personal with Riesling grapes.  They are very delicious off the vines at the moment, quite a nice vintage for 2012 and harvest has just begun for some of the other varieties in the region.  
The Riesling grapes will still mature a bit longer.

 Loading up the Tractor.  The hottest way to cruise around the German wine trail.

 Still in the Bettenheimer vineyards checking out some Spätburgunder grapes with Jenz.  So far everyone ages their Pinot Noir in mostly new Barriques.  This has not been a huge hit with the five of us, as we all seem to be looking for a fresher, naturally elegant style of Pinot Noir from these lands.

 Self portrait with Pinot Noir still life.

 Next stop, meeting up with Weingut Winzerfamilie Flick

 Riesling with a view...

 Pre-dinner tapas for ya'self, and maybe some pretzle bread?

 Dinner at Domherrenhof in Essenheim.  
Rheinhessen Vitello Tonnato paired with the wines of Weingut Braunewell. 

That with a conclusion of Creme Brulee' ... who isnt into that shit!? my ideal dinner... Enough said. 

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