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venerdì 15 ottobre 2010

Gaja Sori San Lorenzo 1971

Had the pleasure to open this wine, and experience a part of Gaja History.

Gaja Sori San Lorenzo Vendemmia 1971

1964 - The Gaja family purchases the "Sori San Lorenzo" vineyard (Sori meaning hilltop with southern exposure).
1967 -  First vintage of Sori San Lorenzo (released in 1970) and of a single vineyard Barbaresco for Angelo Gaja.
1975-1976 - Gaja begins the usage of Barrique aging for the Barbaresco's
1996 - Sori San Lorenzo is declasified to Langhe DOC with Angelo's decision to add a small pecentage of the Barbera grape (usually 5%) to the previously 100% Nebbiolo wine.

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