Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hail storm strikes Barolos precious vineyards

September 5th and 6th brought some unfortunate hail to the Langhe right before harvest as grapes were reaching optimal ripeness.  Giulia Negri posted this bunch of injured nebbiolo grapes from her Serradenari vineyard in La Morra.

"Unfortunately the hail hit almost all of our vineyards with estimated losses starting from 20% in some parcels up to 50% in others, with an average of about 35-40%.  In certain areas (fortunately a few) the leaf canopy was stripped, in others completely destroyed- proof of the severity of the damage.

Our incredible team, that saw a years worth of dedication and effort diminish in a mere 10 minutes, but who also know how to see the glass half full, will do everything possible to bring forth a great 2019. Now we hope for a little bit of sun."  

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