Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A pass by the 2014 Pig and Punch

The 4th annual Pig and Punch in New Orleans hosted by Bon Vivant and Imbibe.  

On my way out of the city after a long and tiring weekend of debauchery through the jazz filled streets of New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, I happened to stumble upon one last party.  I was killing my last hour in the French Quarter awaiting my flight and there I walked into the perfect sunday picnic.  Multiple pig roasts with southern style sides alongside multiple garbage bins full of pre-made boozy punches.

The selection...
One epic sized ice cube

The first taste of tender pork washed down with ginny punch had me feeling much better from my earlier exhausted hungover self. As soon as I finished my above plate the dry, humid 90 degree sunny day turned in a flash to an epic downpour and thunder and lightening storm.  

This was the perfect combination for me to miss my flight and drench absolutely everything I owned in that moment.  Luckily everything turned out okay and eventually I made it back to New York. 

           When in New Orleans remember… Would you like that cocktail for here or to go?

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