Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Missing the Piedmontese life in New York City.

During my Journey back to America from my South East Asia Adventures I received some photos from friends enjoying a Piedmontese life at Maialino in New York City.  Damn, these are two things that I will never feel bad about when returning to the city.

White Alba truffles and baseball, Maialino New York City.

Some 1971 Oddero Barolo is poured at Maialino to compliment the seasons white truffles.

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  1. Hi there,
    I can't figure out any way to email you privately, so I have to leave a comment. My mother just sent me the link to your blog after doing a search about Sonnino and her family, the Contentas. Your grandfather Merc was the brother of my great grandfather, Caesar Contenta (Cesare). Hello cousin! My mother grew up in Pittsfield, MA. My grandmother, Francis Fields (formerly Contenta) has shown me many photos of Sonnino, and has a great one of her grandfather by a big jug of wine. My brother Andrew and I both live in NY - me upstate and he in Queens. We are 33 and 36. Would be cool to connect! My email is omvidya @ gmail . com - Renee