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lunedì 5 novembre 2012

Day number 62 on the road in Europe... La Partenza

Finally the day has come. The last day where I find myself in Milano after 62 days of travel throughout Europe.  Originally having some plans for Alba, and then possibly Bergamo I find I am simply to exhausted to partake in such events.

I have experienced the last day blues many times before, but this may be the longest I have traveled without a home or fixed place that I was living in.  Of course I have mixed feelings, but I also have a mixed suitcase of dirty clothes and wet shoes that need a changing.

Arriving in Milan back in September I spent a few days and then then took off for Germany.  On the wine trail with some amazing wine writers and ending the trip in Berlin for some unforgettable times.  Berlin definitely had a lasting effect on me and it really gave me the feeling of a special city on the rise through creativity in a special moment in time.

From Germany I flew to Geneva, Switzerland, a stop in Lyon, France and then a flight to London to regroup with old Roman international friends.  From there I found myself in Marocco checking out Casablanca and Marrakech with a two day trek to the entrance of the Sahara desert and a night camping out under the stars.  One of the coolest feelings I have ever experienced.

I flew back to Milan and took a train to meet my mother in Rome and Florence for her first visit to Italy.  From there I met an American friend (Jay, aka Guido laBici) and stayed a week in the quiet Italian countryside of San Donato Val di Comino.  Three days in Napoli, a day in Procida and back to Rome for a night before flying to Amsterdam.

The last week coming back to Italy I found myself with old snowboarding friends from a different life in Emilia Romagna.  I watched a snowboarding big air, I played drinking games, I danced and I had an Aperitivo in Modena, which was followed by a dinner in Bologna!

And now in Milan the day before I fly back.  A lot of disaster has happened in New York while I was gone and it will be great to arrive back on the other side.

I am absolutely spent, shot and exhausted and while meeting new and old friends along the way during the two month period, I have definitely had more than my share of food, wine, beer, spirits, espresso and celebrations.  Last night I was able to pull off a sober Milanese Sunday, ending in some cinema and green tea before bed.

Tonight I will rally it for one last night in the Navigli district, one last aperitivo, and maybe one last night cap.

Goodnight Milano, Goodnight New York.

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  1. ... e buongiorno Vernazza! Loved reading about your time in Europe. Been missing it a bit and trying to recapture some of the "good stuff" - simmple food, amazing wines, and pushing away from the table of American "over-doing" - amazing also how hard it is sometimes. Salute!


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