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venerdì 31 agosto 2012

1983 Roero Arneis, Yesterdays Nebbiolo Bianco

On one of my last nights in New York Liz Nicholson, Wine Director at Maialino opened up a bottle of 1983 Roero Arneis for me.  This bottle had been stored in the Cornarea Cellars since just a few months ago and that is part of the reason this bottle was abosolutely singing when we popped it.  A timeless minerality with dusty, rocky tea notes and overall sexy mouthfeel. Absolutely delicious....

Once called Nebbiolo Bianco, Arneis grew inbetween Nebbiolo vines and was used as a blending grape for the red wines in the Roero.  When producers started making 100% Nebbiolo wines this grape almost became extinct.  Thanks to a couple of producers (Cornarea being one of them) 100% Arneis bottlings became popular and this is an amazing example of its potential.

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  1. nice visit in the time machine - I sold the 1983 (back in 1985) and loved the wine - thanks for the nostalgic reminder, grasshopper

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