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mercoledì 2 maggio 2012

a 1988 Sagrantino di Montefalco walks into Maialino

Nice to see these old Sagrantino's opened at Maialino last night during a wine dinner with the folks from Omni and Antonelli.  Besides the old wines drinking well it was great to see Alice making an appearance for the tasting.  The coolest part about the three wines above (1988, 1995, 2000) was tasting a vertical of three vintages at three different stages of their evolution.  That is to say, pre-peak, peak and past-peak.

The 1988 was funky, pencil lead like, dirty, thick, chunky, barnyard, the fruit had let go and it was obviously past its peak.  The 2000 was showing marvelous, still with big dominant tannins.  Could drink now with great pleasure but could age a few more years as well.  The 1995 Sagrantino was singing and right at its peak in my opinion. Some amazing liquorish and mint notes on the nose and palate, beautiful dark red fruits, good acidity and going the distance on the palate.  An unforgettable wine...

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  1. Thought it was a bar joke...but these wines are no joke. Love how you drink, Nico!

  2. yeah, the 95 was off the hook!, how have u been VALERIE!? thanks for the comment


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