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martedì 26 luglio 2011

Coffee, the art and essence

While ''hipster Cafe's'' are popping up everywhere in the states Barrington Coffee has a focus and passion that seperates them from the others...

For many Coffee is a necessity, some enjoy the taste and most look no further.  It is what it is.  But at Barrington Coffee in Lee, Massachusetts they have a completely different take on coffee and are taking it back to the very beginning: the small farms from where they receive the beans whether it be Brazil or Ethiopia. 

I have been trying to visit the factory for about a year now where my good friend Brian Heck is part of the small and very passionate staff.  Last week I finally popped into the roasting factory which is more of a museum than a factory! 

One of the few coffee roasters in the building, this one a discontinued Sasa Samiac from France.
The pre-roasted green seed as appears upon arrival

A very interesting project they are working on is vintage coffee... as you can see above the boxes are marked with the year of harvest and there is even a reserve.  A coffee revolution, where you are achieving a rare and unique coffee in similar ways as you would a fine wine.

Brian Heck in action pulling one of the coolest shots of espresso I have ever tasted

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