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lunedì 25 aprile 2011

a ripping Refosco, and some Good Wood (not talkin' 'bout barrique either!)

This Ermacora 2008 Refosco (from K&L wine merchants) was a much needed treat last week.  Ermacora was one of the standout producers from the Tocai tasting on the COF2011 trip, so I gave their Refosco a try here in the states.  This was such a food friendly red, and can really go swell with a number of dishes.  Both bright and dark fruits, very balanced in it's alcohol and a beautiful acidity.  The tannins were not overwhelming and it went fine with pasta and a tomato eggplant sauce.

In Other News.....

Today we will start the Transworld Snowboarding 2012 Good Wood session where we (a group of snowboarders) will test next seasons 2012 snowboards here at Mammoth Mountain.  Some arduous 8 to 4pm snowbording sessions ahead of us....

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