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lunedì 2 agosto 2010

'na tazzulella 'e cafè!

The good thing about italian wine, is after enjoying it throughout your stay in Italy, you can quite easily find it again in the states... But the reproduction of an authentic Italian caffè outside of Italy is quite hard to come by.  Even using imported italian coffee beans, isn't quite the same... its like trying to make a pizza napoletana outside of naples...

while missing those quick breaks for a shot of coffee in the old country... here are some photos, or coffee porn if you will... to take care of that empty feeling inside...

Caffè Sant Eustachio, Roma. they make a zuccherato or pre-sugared coffee that is whipped to create a very creamy one of a kind caffè.)

 Caffè Sant Eustachio di notte.

(below: a macchina napoletana, Caffè Gambrinus, Napoli. espresso machine with hand pumps to control the pressure... what you will find in naples and nowhere else...)
More love from Caffè Gambrinus... 

buon caffè ragazzi!!!

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