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mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

raw milk life!

My quest for finding raw milk in my area turned out to be quite easy. as its illegal to sell in markets or grocery stores, you can buy the latte crudo from a number of farms in massachusetts.  I'm not sure about the laws in other states but for example in Alabama it is illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption.  These are some shots from Cricket Creek Farm in Williamstown Massachusetts.  The milk is fucking rich and creamy, im convinced I can make panna cotta with it.  Also available is raw milks cheese, raw honey, eggs, yogurt, and fresh bread, amongst other thannnnnggzzz.
Me and Anthony brought back some ground beef and veal neck bones from the farm, and made a Rigatoni al ragu (pictured above).  I let the bones sit in the sauce and flavor this all mighty ''sucu''... We opened a gorgeous bottle of vino... a brilliant offer I wanted to mention.  Whole foods pulling through with $13 bottle of Vietti 2007 Barbera d'asti ''tre vigne''...a steal!  about 15 minutes into dinner this wine was fucking ripping out of the glass with blackberry, plum and other dark fruits on the nose.  Balanced with a enough dirty earth notes, acidity and touch of tanin to be accepted with open arms.... especially after some rubbish california zin i've been dabling into...
Cheers y'alllllllllll

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