Saturday, March 27, 2010

entire ass fowl!

FARAONA:  This is the item I purchased in the supermercato pim the other day in rome.  While living here in rome I always take advantage of these things. Not only is this type of guineafowl rare, but the way its packaged for sale with the only modification being its feathers plucked. It makes for a much more intimate cooking session, and maybe better appreciated. I later translated this faraona into english and discovered it is refered to as a Helmeted Guineafowl (of the family Numididae), which breeds in africa and has been introduced to southern France and Italy.  I roasted him up and served over polenta, inspired by a la cucina italiana recipe polenta e osei (february 2009), traditional of the cucina veneziana. later we made a broth out of the carcass, and had a delicious soup the next day. I felt as if I was living a century back. especially because I still handwash all of my clothes.

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  1. And to drink? Something equally unmanipulated (and hand washed) perhaps?