Friday, October 30, 2020

Tasting 2014 Monfortino from Barrel with Giacomo Conterno, February 2019

The attention to detail is unlike any other winery visit in this Monforte d’alba Cantina.  

A pleasure to taste 2014 Monfortino from Barrel with Roberto Conterno. The 2014 is the most exciting vintage for Roberto and also the last vintage before he begins his new production of a historic plot in Arione which he decided has the potential to be part of the Monfortino cuvee. 

The Monfortino selection begins in the vineyards of Francia in Serralunga. The grapes need to have the characteristic chewy mouthfeel and potential to withstand longterm aging to be selected for that specific barrel. 

With the arrival of the southwest facing vineyard of Arione in 2015 
Conterno will start to produce a Barolo bottling exclusively from that vineyard which will be exciting to see. 
Grazie 🙏

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Look back on top of the Monte Bianco Skyway, Courmayeur, 2017

Top of the Skyway, Montebianco
2014 Giuseppe Rinaldi, Dolcetto in a plastic bottle from earlier visit
to keep us warm on top of Monte Bianco in the freezing cold. =) 
(Photo: Nico Contenta, Stefano Niccoli)

Inside, historic photo.

Outside the old rifugio storico. 

The modern refuge with a view and a negroni. 

Wine by the glass inside the old refuge bar. 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hail storm strikes Barolos precious vineyards

September 5th and 6th brought some unfortunate hail to the Langhe right before harvest as grapes were reaching optimal ripeness.  Giulia Negri posted this bunch of injured nebbiolo grapes from her Serradenari vineyard in La Morra.

"Unfortunately the hail hit almost all of our vineyards with estimated losses starting from 20% in some parcels up to 50% in others, with an average of about 35-40%.  In certain areas (fortunately a few) the leaf canopy was stripped, in others completely destroyed- proof of the severity of the damage.

Our incredible team, that saw a years worth of dedication and effort diminish in a mere 10 minutes, but who also know how to see the glass half full, will do everything possible to bring forth a great 2019. Now we hope for a little bit of sun."  

Cold fried chicken, pickleback sandwich and 2003 Allemand Cornas at Momofuku Ko

A look back at Momofuku Ko Bar with a legendary last call by the glass list before a friends departure from the restaurant.  Pictured is the legendary cold fried chicken 
and the Pickle Sandwich-back with a glass of wild turkey .

Legendary winemaker Thierry Allemand makes two bottlings of Cornas from the Chaillot and Reynard vineyards.  In certain years he bottles a Cornas without a vineyard designation as with the case of 2002 and the above pictured magnum of 2003.  The wine was very open yet harmonious showing a beautiful ripe texture and a signature of the warmer 2003 vintage.